How to plan your sailing trip in Croatia?

First step in how to plan your sailing trip in Croatia, is you need to know that sailing season in Croatia starts end of April and lasts until beginning of October. Charters open bookings for next season in mid-October, so you can book your desired boat already in October, cause first minute prices usually offer big discounts. After choosing your boat, your agent will send you pro-forma invoice, due to you would need to transfer 50% of total amount for booking confirmation.

How to plan your trip? If you are a sailing enthusiast, the best months are April, May, beginning of June, September and October, cause the winds are the best. If you would like to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in hidden coves more suitable months are end of June, July, Auguste and beginning of September.

In Croatia you can charter any kind of a sailboat, from 1 to 6 cabins, catamarans from 4 to 6 cabins and motor yachts. If you have a skipper licence that is accepted by Croatian authorities and VHF permit, you do not have to hire a skipper. In other case you would need to hire a professional skipper who will sail your boat during a holiday (we offer one as an additional service). Usually skippers costs are 150 EUR per day + food you need to provide him.

Another thing you need to know before sailing in Croatia is that there are several regions you can choose. First region is Istria and Kvarner. Than you have Zadar and Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik region. The most popular among sailors is Split region and even Zadar and Sibenik region, because there are loads of islands which are close to each other and in the summer days you could organize a nice island hopping. You can also organize one way sailing trips, perhaps you could embark in one base and disembark in another. Usually sailors take the boat in one of the bases in Split area and sail towards Dubrovnik. One-way option is paid extra around 600 EUR and you need to deliver the boat in the base one day earlier than scheduled originally.

If you are sailing in Croatia in the summer months, the main thing you need to bring with is your bathing suit. Not much more will you need. Several shorts, t-shirts and flip flops would be nice and for the ladies a dress if you decide to experience a nightlife. The smaller bag you bring, the more space will you have on a boat. On the other hand, if you are more into sailing in those months when the wind is better, there is a possibility you will sunbath and swim, but you also need to bring wormer clothes, cause evenings in the sea could be quite chilly. So definitely a hoody and a water-resistant jacket would be good to bring.

I can remember my first sailing trip in Croatia (it was in my late 20′) after which I swore, I would sail every summer repeatedly. So, sailing in Croatia is something you need to try and probably you will fell in love afterwards.