What to choose: Yacht, Sailboat or Catamaran?

In this post we will help you answer the question which is the best type of boat to choose. What to choose, yacht, sailboat or catamaran for your sailing holiday? It depends most of what you expect from your holiday. Why to choose a sailboat? If you are more adventuristic type, that likes to enjoy the nature, sailing and depending on wind, than you are a sailboat type. Firstly, if you do not have any experience in sailing a sailboat, you need to know that you can have seasickness aboard, cause sailboat usually leans and isn’t stabile while sailing. Also in case of lack of experience and if you do not have a necessary skipper and VHF licence, you should hire a professional skipper. The most beautiful thing about spending time on a sailboat is spending a night in a hidden cove, waking up early in the morning by jumping in the sea. So, nature types would enjoy it. Also, if you are sport oriented (would like to help your skipper sail and contribute) you should choose a sailboat. There is not much privacy on a sailboat, so pick the crew that you get along with. So, here are several reasons why to choose a sailboat.

Unlike sailboats, catamarans are bigger and more stable. They have duo hulls with two motors, one in each hull which make them stable. As they are bigger and luxurious, this also means more expensive to charter than sailboat. Berths are also much more expensive. But with size and luxury comes greater level of comfort. So, you can experience privacy because cabins are in both hulls, separated with saloon. If you like to move from the crew, you can go relax in your cabin and you wouldn’t be disturbed. Another thing, due to its stability and space, catamarans are preferable for families with children, from infants to teenagers. They are houses on water. Catamarans can sail, but do not lean as sailboats do, so you can be very safe. Why to choose a catamaran? If you would like a nice sailing with family vacation, comfortable and luxury, would like to enjoy sea and safe sailing and you do not have limit on your budget, catamaran is a great choice for you.

Motor yachts are the most luxurious and expensive option. Why to choose a motor yacht? If you like speed, luxury, want to change places and want to explore a lot in less time, motor yacht is usually the best option. Expenses for week charter go from around 5,000.00 EUR to 50,000.00 EUR, depending on a size of course, season period, etc. Bigger yachts usually include complete crew, a captain, hostess and a chef. Motor yachts can have 2 to 5 cabins. Among charter costs there are important expenses that cannot be excluded – fuel consumption. So, chartering a motor yacht is an option when there are no budget limits.

In Croatia you can charter all these boats from any location, from North Adriatic (Istria and Kvarner) to South (Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik).