Dubrovnik sailing tips

Here you can find Dubrovnik sailing tips and advices on what to visit and do while sailing in Dubrovnik region. Our Dubrovik sailing tips also offer route suggestions for Dubrovnik region.

Dubrovnik has an airport which is 21.5 km away from Dubrovnik center and very well connected with all European cities, especially in summer season.

Dubrovnik sailing tips on what to visit:

Visit Dubrovnik town

While waiting on your boat to be ready you can visit some interesting sights in Dubrovnik:

  • The mansion of Petar Sorkocevic
  • The Cathedral and Churh of St.Blaise
  • Old city with city walls, gates of Pile, Stradun and Clock Tower
  • Onofrije´s fountain
  • The Dominican monastery with the oldest Pharmacy in Europe
  • Rector´s palace with City Cultural History Museum
  • Sponza palace
  • Aquarium
  • Fort Lovrijenac, Minceta Fortress
  • Mount Srđ
  • Island of Locrum with Benedictine monastery and Botanical garden

Visit Elafiti Islands

The Elaphiti Islands or the Elaphites consist of several Islands stretching northwest of Dubrovnik. The bigest Islands are Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep.

Visit Island Korcula

They say Korcula is small Dubrovnik. This is one of the most beautiful Islands in the Adriatic. The best are small coves where you can spend the whole day sunbathing and swiming and the most beautiful are cove Pupnatska Luka and cove Bacva. You should also visit small Islands Priozd and Badija.

Where to eat on Island Korcula: sweets at Cukarin (in town Korcula), restaurant Gera (in Zrnovo).

Visit Island Mljet

Island Mljet is the most forested Island in the Adriatic. Untouched nature is here very attractive. You can sail into the bay Okuklje, Prozura, Sobra and Polace where you will find secluded sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.  Some people consider the island of Mljet one of the best diving destinations, so we encourage you to explore the underwater world of the island. Malo and Veliko Jezero on the island of Mljet are ideal for kayaking and canoeing. For activities on the mainland, we recommend walking and hiking, especially if you love spending time outdoors. For more active visitors, Mljet gravel and dirt roads are ideal for cycling, and if you vacation with family and children, hold on to paved roads. If you like caving, this island is ideal destination for you as you will be able to discover the secrets of the many caves. One of the most famous caves on the island of Mljet is Odysseus Cave at Babino polje on the south side of the island.

On Mljet you can anchor in cove Okuklje, cove Prozura. Place called Sobra you will visit if you need a fuel for your boat. Going to the north there are 2 coves where you can anchor, Polace and Pomena. Pomena is a part of National Park Mljet and it is only 10 min walk from Malo and Veliko jezero. 

Visit Island Lastovo

For 50 years Lastovo has been closed for turists. With its 46 small islands, 46 churches and chappels and 46 vineyards it is a genuine heavan for lovers of pure nature, sailing, good food and wine. In addition to the beauty of its unspoiled nature, special tourist attractions of the Island are the famous Lastovo chimneys that were once status symbols of old Lastovo families, as well as former Yugoslavian army inheritance, their storages for ships in rocks where you can enter with sailboat up to 13 meters high mast. On Lastovo Island you can anchor in Skrivena luka, Zaklopatica and Ubli, where is the only fuel station. You can also anchor in small Island Lastovnjaci.

Dubrovnik sailing tips route suggestions:

Day 1 (Sat) Dubrovnik – Kobaš – 20NM
Day 2 (Sun) Kobaš – Mljet (Polače or Sobra) – 20NM
Day 3 (Mon) Mljet(Sobra) – Korčula – 24NM
Day 4 (Tue) Korčula – Lastovo (Zaklopatica) – 23NM
Day 5 (Wed) Lastovo (Zaklopatica) – Polače (Mljet) – 23NM
Day 6 (Thu) Polače (Mljet) – Šipan – 12NM
Day 7 (Fri) Šipan – Dubrovnik – 18NM
Day 8 (Sat) Check out