Istria and Kvarner sailing tips

Unexplored sailing jewel

Here you can find Istria and Kvarner sailing tips and some advices what to visit and do while sailing in Istria and Kvarner.

We have prepared Istria and Kvarner sailing tips for you, places to visit, where to sail:

Visit National Park Brijuni

It is called paradise for boaters and definitely on the top of Istria and Kvarner sailing tips. National Park Brijuni consist of 14 islands and the biggest ones are Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun, smaller once are Sveti Marko, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinic, Galija, Grunj, Vanga, Madona, Vrsar, Kozada i Sveti Jerolim. They are situated oposite of town called Fazana, just in the middle of west Istrian coast.

It is recommended to stay there at least one day, especially if you are sailing with family and children, cause there is a big safari park with exotic animals, boathouse – an educational centre and much more.

There are 2 small Marinas in Veliki Brijun i Mali Brijun.

On the official site, you can get more info.

Visit Lim Channel

Channel is 12 km long with steep heels on both sides. In the inner part of the channel it is forbidden to sail or anchor, but you can anchor in cove Soline (which is completely protected from winds) or go in Marina Valalta.

Interesting there is Romualdo cave which is 105 meters long and have few impresive chambers and proves of paleolitic life.

Where to eat: Restaurant Viking – if you would like to try delicious fish (one of the best fish restaurants in Istria) and clams from Lim channel, this one is the best choice. If you take berth in Marina Valalta or anchor in cove Soline, you can arrange transfer to restaurant (it is 20 min drive).

Visit Rt Kamenjak – nature park

Rt Kamenjak is the southest point of Istria and definitely number one recommendation in Istria and Kvarner sailing tips. A nature park with 560 different plants, different kind of butterflies and 3o types of orchids. If you visit Rt Kamenjak you can encounter dinosaur traces, sunbath in picturesque coves. The Island Fenoliga (along the coast) is the biggest dinosaur site in Europe.

You can anchor in:

In Rt Kamenjak, we can arrange for you:

  • Kayaking and snorkeling in the caves
  • Cycling along the coast of Rt Kamenjak
  • Stand up paddling through the caves

Every of these programs include photos with GoPro camera (also under water, optional cliff jumping, lunch in Safari bar or Istrian Farm, exploring footprints of dinosaurs, etc.).

Panoramic flight over Istria

We can arrange a panoramic flight for you over Istria in cessna airplane. The starting point is near Medulin, but our transport vehicle can pick you anywhere you want.

Flying over Istrian in Cessna

East coast of Istria

Sailing from Rt Kamenjak along the East coast of Istria, there are several coves, beaches and sights you need to visit. Porat Krnica which is the cove with nice beaches. Entering the Rasa Bay (Raski zaljev) there are Kalavojna coveLuka cove, Lighthouse St. Nicola, Salamustica cove (there is shipwreck from 2nd world war), Blaz cove (many mills and legend stories) and at the end a small village called Trget where you can eat delicious fish in Restaurant Martin Pescador. On the very North of East coast there is a small town called Brsec (just oposite from Island Cres).