First time sailing

Gather your best friends or family, contact us and we will find the best boat for you!

Tips you need to know while sailing for first time:

Sailing holidays are usually booked from Saturday till Saturday during high season period. Only in the off season period (April, May, October, November) you can charter a boat for less than 7 days.
You will board on Saturday afternoon, cause on Saturday morning the boat needs to be cleaned from previous guests and well prepared for you.
If you book a skipper through us, you will meet him in the marina on Saturday. He is a part of your crew, he will eat with you and have his own bed in one of the cabins. He will also show you how to sail.

When first time sailing, you should also know that among boat costs, there are some extra costs that you need to include in your budget:

TRASIT LOG – the amount that charters charge for end cleaning of the boat, bed linen, towels, diving inspection of the boat, mooring in starting marina, port fees, etc. Usually it is from 150 – 250 EUR per booking (depends on boat lenght and charter)

FUEL – depends on your needs, weather conditions, sailboat lenght. Usually fuel consumption on a sailboat is from 5 to 10 litres per hour. You take over a sailboat with full tank and you need to return it also full.
List of Boat gas stations in Croatia

MOORING FEES – depend on boat lenght, season period as well as on Marinas. Usually prices are from 30 to 60 EUR per day.

SECURITY DEPOSIT – while taking over a boat, you need to leave a deposit for security matters. It depends on boat lenght, vaule of the boat, year of production and charter, and it can be from 1000 – 3000 EUR. The amount is not charged if  no damage is made on the boat and it is fully refundable.

Extras you can rent:


We have a big base of experienced skippers, so if you need one just tell in advance. These costs are paid separatelly, in the base in cash or through account payment earlier. Skipper expenses are usually 150 EUR per day + food, which means you need to provide him food in a way to give him money to buy his own food or offer him to feel free to consume your food on the boat and invite him to dine with you in the restaurants. Also, he needs his own bed in his own cabin.


Usually cleans boat inside and outside and prepares light meals - breakfast and/or one main meal a day. Costs are usually 150 EUR per day + food. Also needs a separate cabin.


On your demand we can provide you a list of chefs that cook on board. Costs are also paid separately.


If you are on a family cruise and you have toodlers on board, this is definitely something you need. Also if you have pets on board it is very useful. This is a net that is being set up on both sides of a sailboat. Most charters have it in their offer and charge them around 100 EUR per week.


Extra sails like Gennaker, Spinnaker and Blister. These sails are for more experienced sailors and some charters have them in their extra offer and charge them around 150 EUR per week.


If you are arriving with your car, you can leave it in Marina on safe parking, but usually Marinas charge it from 4 EUR per day (costs depend from Marina to Marina).


If you would like us to organise a transfer for you from Airport to Marina, you can send us your flight details, number of persons and the transfer vehicle will wait for you on the airport. These kind of services usually cost (depends on vehicle size, number of people and distance) from 50 EUR to 100 EUR.