Sailing with children

Building memories for a lifetime

Sailing with children always requires an additional base and planning in advance, please contact us and we will help you:

1. Choose a destination

While sailing with children you should choose a sailing destination that offers warm water, easy sailing and weak wind. You should have in mind when is a season period in destination you choose.

2. Choose a perfect boat 

While sailing with children you should choose a more stabile sailboat, that is more comfortable. Probably you should go with catamaran or motor yacht instead of a sailboat.

3. Plan your sailing trip in details

While sailing with children you should pack well, bring all the necessary equipment, bring light and more warmer clothes (cause the nights can be colder). Plan your sailing day in advance, one day for swimming, another for slow sailing in warm areas , swimming, diving and other water sports in hidden coves.

Whether you take children onboard with you or not is fully up to you and what you expect to get out of the experience. Sailing is so much fun for the children and the whole family makes memories that last for a lifetime. Still, if sailing with children, make sure you take precaution and read the below tips:

  • Children must have life jackets when onboard
  • Seasickness – in case of seasickness make sure children (same is valid for some sufering adults) are outside on the deck inhaling fresh air and not inside of the rocking the boat
  • Safety net – in case you have very small children this is a very useful extra piece of equipment which you will need to order in advance. It offers good protection for children while they play on the deck as it stops them from sliding overboard.


You can say that it is much easier to sail with very young children who are not mobile yet, but here are some tips:

  • When they are so small, the most important thing is to keep them away from unnecessary diseases
  • Choose a sailing period when the air temperature is not too low or too high, as well as a destination where the waters are calm and sailing is easy
  • Take a comfortable baby carrier preferably from cotton
  • Give your child space with favorite toys and a large number of pillows in case of a turnover


When a child begins to get to know the world around him, things become much harder for you. Sailing with toddler is much more difficult, but not impossible, only you have to change priorities.

Tips for sailing with a toddler:

  • Always have a life jacket when you are on the deck
  • The best plan is to have accommodation on land and make smaller and larger boat trips, sometimes for shorter periods, sometimes for longer
  • Do not expect sailing to be like without a child, your priorities must be focused on the toddler


It becomes much easier when children are more mature and you can dream again about your perfect sailing adventure.

Tips for sailing with children:

  • Sailing can be very educational for children, take care of them and show them how to sail (skipper will do it for you) and familiarize them with every detail on board
  • Remember to bring water sports equipment: you can rent from the SUP, Seadoo rental, water skiing, canoes, diving equipment, pipes and bananas, dingy with a strong outboard motor (not all rentals have appliances on offer, but we can always provide determined from other sources).
  • You can anchor in a hidden cove, thanks to which children can enjoy bathing, diving and any other conceived activities
  • Always look at the weather forecast before setting the sail. Sometimes the weather changes in a few minutes and although a little stronger wind is fun for you, your child may feel uncomfortable and it may deter them from sailing forever
  • Always be equipped with enough food and drinks