9 reasons why travellers choose Gulet charter

Most travellers and sailing enthusiasts who also like comfort, choose Gulet charter as their sailing holiday option. A traditional wooden sailboat, usually pretty luxury equipped, offers nice sailing experience, especially in Croatia, while Island hopping. We have picked 9 reasons why travellers choose Gulet charter.

First of all, unlike other charters (sailboats and catamarans), (1) Gulet charter can offer greater comfort and more home type interior. You can say you are sailing on a water hotel. Most Gulets have very spacious and comfortable cabins and every of these have its own home type bathrooms with shower and WC. Interior also includes place for dinning where breakfast is served.

(2) Most Gulets have exterior with large sundeck on the top of the boat where you can sunbath and relax as well as dining area at stern.

(3) If you have bigger family or you just want to take more friends sailing with you, Gulet would be a great choice (unlike smaller vessels) because it can accommodate usually around 15 people, but also up to 30 people (depending on a Gulet size and number of cabins). The common size of a Gulet is around 28 meters (but can be less, 17 meters or 25 meters or more up to 35 meters) and number of cabins vary from minimum 3 to maximum 14.

(4) Gulet charter in Croatia includes crew in Gulet charter price. The number of crew members depend on a Gulet size, but minimum number is 3. So, when chartering a Gulet you will definitely have a captain who navigates the boat, hostess who cleans and serves meals and a cook who prepares the perfect Croatian specialties.

(5) Gulet charter in Croatia offers Island hopping. As it is well known, Croatia has more than 1000 Islands and there is no better way to cruise through the Islands with your big company including friends and family, than Gulet cruise. In Croatia, most attractive are southern Islands such as Hvar, Brac, Solta Vis, Lastovo, Korcula, but also interesting can be for example sailing from South to North coast, which will be pretty nice for a 14 day cruise, starting from Split (or Dubrovnik), heading to Pula and back to Split (or Dubrovnik).

Gulet Charter Fortuna anchoring

(6) Gulets are pretty stable, so if you experience seasickness on sailboats, you will probably be very safe on a Gulet. But, you also need to have in mind that Gulet is a vessel in the first place, so there will be movements but in case of a bad weather you should follow the instructions of a captain who will probably insist of staying in a harbour until weather, waves and wind, do not calm.

(7) Sailing with children is a nice experience for whole family and Gulet is a perfect boat to take your even smallest one with. It has loads of space, home type interior and wide and spacious exterior, so your children will be safer than on any other vessel. Cabins are be more comfortable for them and outside area less dangerous.

(8) When sailing on Gulet you agree with captain, hostess and cook on everything, whether it is when you are going to sail off, where are you will be heading to, where are you going to enjoy your summer activities such as swimming and sunbathing, how many hours per day will you be sailing, which route, etc.

(9) Food and drinks are paid extra, beyond Gulet charter price, because you can take nothing if you decide you will eat outside the boat, half boar or full board and similar is with drinks. Half board includes 2 meals a day (usually it is breakfast and dinner) which most travellers take, because you leave some space for trying local cuisine in nice restaurants on Islands or in towns. Full board includes 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and covers you completely for a 7 or 14 days cruise.